My name is Eamonn O’Boyle.
My Chinese zodiac is Fire Dragon.
I can’t drive but I want to.
Some day.
I like to draw hats.
I like rocks and paper and scissors.
My height is six feet three inches.
My favourite boy is Oskar.
My favourite girl is Mira.
My favourite colour is blue.
I like to write favourite.
I currently live in Amsterdam.
In Amstelveen to be exact.
So not in Amsterdam but very close.
I don’t speak Dutch but I want to.
Some day.

People I have worked with:
Time Magazine, Nike, Ogilvy, Lane Crawford, Seibu,
South China Morning Post, Espirit, Red Earth,
Selfridges & Cartoon Network.

People I’d like to work with:
You ou ou

T:     +31 6 2123 5755